The Marketplace

I struggled on how to incorporate this vision in the previous chapter. I do not want to overwhelm readers by loading each chapter with visions and dreams as if the natural is not important at all. But, for me, this vision has had a huge impact in how I continue to operate in life today. Wade and I made our way back to the campground after meeting Maria on the night before Nate’s wedding. Wade quickly feel asleep and I could not. Instead, I had this vision. And considering what Maria told me after Nate’s wedding celebration - that our conversation meant something. This vision continues to be highly important.

The Marketplace

The ancient marketplace appeared in front of me. The midday hustle and bustle drew in visitors and locals to the streets. Canopies kept the middle eastern sun from burning the humans below. Street vendors hollered for attention and waved their produce eager to make a sale. Locals kept close to the vendors they knew for trusted prices and products. The stuffy air mixed with aromatic spices being sold. Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew words bounced off of the tents and filled the space. For a foreign visitor like me, it could have been overwhelming, but I marched into the marketplace. Vibrant colors filled the space in contrast to the white stoned buildings and dust in the air. Rice and beans overflowed from sacks. Fruits and vegetables haphazardly spilled from their boxes with prices stated in three different languages.

In moments, I begun to run, but not in fear. I knew how to avoid their deceitful attacks. I dodged particular vendors with a twinkle in their eyes trying to sell me cheap nourishment, slabs of rotting meat to slow down me down, or rotten fruit sold as delicacy. With each dodge, I began to recognize the trustworthy vendors. I saw the blue flames in their eyes as they tossed me a piece of fresh fruit to keep my momentum. The chanted for me to keep going.

With each step, the race became bolder as I pulled others in to join me. Their background did not matter, only the light in their eyes with a small amount of faith to run ahead. Aggressive words and curses hurled from the deceitful vendors attempted to slow our pace. We never did. Our team chanted hopeful promises to one another. Our pace kept a steady movement for the newcomers. In our quest, the older ones helped the younger ones to identify trusted street vendors.

And when the middle eastern sun began to fall, we took a quick exit to leave the marketplace and hide away in an upper room. In a hushed joy and settled laughter, we encouraged one another about all that had happened. We shared what we learned and how to discern the best nourishment for us. A kind, trusted vendor brought water, food and sleeping mats to the room. In delightful anticipation, we slept that evening, readying ourselves for the endless possibilities of tomorrow. The journey had not ended with this night’s sleep. This first night’s sleep marked the genesis of a great adventure. Tomorrow, we would gather more to group. We would run towards our home making way for our King to sweep through. The forever Kingdom is here.

A Poetic Attempt written on July 22, 2012; 6:34 am - Day of Nate’s wedding

Run through the marketplace Searching for the King Not dressed in riches Not the most beautiful man A simple King that brings total freedom Dash by the vendors The lore of the products they sell A fruit that doesn’t nourish Sold by a cunning man with a hood over his face

I am wiser now Knowing the difference of true and temporary strength The sly spoke of new life But a still small voice told me otherwise

I knew to keep running Persevere towards the One bringing wholeness Learning to pull in those who will know the same

An upper room for a night Whispered discussions of the battle to come Whispered encouragement to keep running Joyous laughter to never stop fighting

Stronger now Undistracted by the sidelines Persevere Run the Kingdom of God is here




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